Information for Landlords

The first hurdle to get over is that renting property is not the one long headache many assume it to be. Yes there are pitfalls and potential problems but most can be avoided.


To go it alone or to manage?

It is indisputable that many landlords do very well collecting their own rent and arranging their own repairs. It comes down to how much time, patience and experience you have. A good agent can obviously save money in marketing and reletting costs particularly when the agent does not charge tenancy renewal or re-letting fees.


What do we do for our money?

We advise you on realistic rents, tax liabilities, tenancies, mortgages and property insurance. We also prepare your home in readiness to let. We generate and arrange all viewings. We find good tenants, obtain credit references where required, guarantor forms, proof of earnings and previous landlord references. We sign up legally binding leases. We collect the rent. We maintain or advise on maintenance to keep your home in the standard you left it. We pay your rent electronically twice monthly. We provide detailed accounts.


Why Wren Properties?

Wren was founded in 1963 and incorporated in 1972. We were the first agency of our type in South Manchester and we retain the biggest market share. We have developed systems and relationships that form a fundamental basis of our operation. We have landlords, tenants, staff and suppliers, many of whom have been with us for over twenty years.

We are large but concentrated. This means we benefit from economies of scale - our dedicated computer system is perhaps the most sophisticated in the country - at the same time as retaining a local feel. As a result we are able to cater for large multiple landlords (Wren is the sole letting agent for a £10M development in Liverpool) at the same time as single property owners.



We deal solely with rented accommodation and are owners of property ourselves. As such we have a greater commitment to efficiency. Our maintenance staff who are skilled Corgi (Gas Safe Register) engineers and Joiners are employed by us direct and are charged at a rate to cover costs only. Sub contractors are used at very favourable rates for less skilled labour such as carpet fitting and decorating.

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We are value for money

In summary we bring to bear five decades of experience in letting residential property. In an independent survey by KPMG it was found that Wren collected rents exceeding 97.5% of the theoretical rent due, including arrears and periods when properties were empty.


How much involvement will I have?

It is totally up to you. We have landlords in the Far East from whom we hear once a year, usually to wish us a Merry Christmas! We also have landlords who live down the road who will monitor us every step of the way. We are happy to have as much or as little involvement from landlords, as they prefer.

The overriding aspect is that the property is yours and that we work for you.


Is it that simple?

The truth is that the letting of property is a complex business. There are many anomalies in the law that in the worse case can lead to people being legally allowed to squat in your home. (This has never happened to a property in our care.) Similarly there are laws, too numerous to go into here, which govern every aspect of rented property and with which landlords must comply. Our point however, is that renting your property need not be a nightmare. Leave it in the hands of the experts.


What does a landlord need to know?

If you are going to let your property without using an agent you should already know about the requirements of the Housing Act 2004 and Landlord & Tenant Acts as well as the implications of the terms below:

  • EPC Energy performance certificates
  • TDS Tenancy deposit schemes
  • EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • GSR Gas Safe register
  • NRL Non-Resident Landlords
  • AST Assured Shorthold Tenancies

We have been letting Manchester property for 50 years and can give professional advice about being a landlord in Manchester and how to rent homes in Didsbury South Manchester and City Centre Manchester. We will guide you on the property market in Manchester, how much it costs to let property and give you a rental valuation for your studio, apartment or house.


What do I do now?

If you are interested in what we offer give us a call, an e-mail or use the link below to send us a valuation request. We will give you good honest advice and a free appraisal without obligation. We'll send you a management pack or make an appointment to see you at the property, whichever you wish. In summary we bring to bear five decades of experience in letting residential property.

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Wren Properties also provide:


Letting advice Manchester

If you are looking for appropriate letting advice Manchester, we can offer you some of the best. We, at Wren Properties, can provide you with lettings advice for homes in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Our letting advice Manchester team will ensure that you get properties that are suitable to your taste and budget.


Buy-to-let Manchester

The right buy-to-let Manchester properties can sometimes be quite difficult to find. But with property advice from our experts at Wren Properties, you can be sure of getting any kind of property you want. Whether you are looking for buy-to-let Manchester houses, apartments or studios, we can provide you with the right assistance.


Landlords Didsbury

If you plan to join the increasing number of successful landlords Didsbury is a great place to start. We at Wren Properties can ensure that you get the best advice on being a landlord. With different kinds of properties to offer and expert advice, joining other successful landlords in Didsbury will be possible.


Rental valuation south Manchester

Are you worried about your property' rental valuation in South Manchester? If you are, Wren Properties can ensure that you charge the right rent. We have experts on rental valuation South Manchester homes who take all the important factors into consideration when assessing the rent of your property. This will help you get the right rent for your property.

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